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Listed below are a few items that may be helpful tips or good information to know when planning your event. If you have any questions or would like to suggest something please do not hesitate to contact us.



v     Sitting under a tent or canopy on a hot sunny day is 10 15F lower in temperature than sitting in direct sunlight.


v     Chaffing dishes work great for chilling beverages, shrimp cocktail, and cold cuts. Fill the water dish with ice and it will keep your food or beverages cool during your event.


v     Four foot tables are small and work great in the house to provide extra space for dishes, food preparation, and serving areas.


v     Disposable cameras work great for creating lasting memories. Purchase several disposable cameras and place them at various locations (tables, decks, etc.) where your event will be taking place. Ask your guests to take pictures during the event.


v     When in the hot sun, dehydration can sometimes be a concern. It is important to have plenty of beverages and keep in mind that non carbonated fruit drinks are the best items to prevent dehydration. Plain water, carbonated beverages, coffee, and teas have a diuretic effect and are less effective.



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