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Ice cream is an excellent addition to any event.  We carry premium Good Humor, Klondike, and Popsicle products and our most popular items are listed below.  All products offered are individually wrapped novelty items.  If you have a special request please ask as some items are only available by special order.  It is preferred that you place your orders several days in advance of your event to ensure items are available.  All items are sold in whole box or ½ box quantities.   Adobe Reader is required to view and print our ice cream order worksheet.  A free download of Adobe Reader is available by clicking the link provided below.




Ice Cream Products


Quantity discounts are available for larger orders.

All ice cream orders must be place a minimum of two days in advance of the delivery.

Click on images for a larger view of item.



Item #



Price / Each*


King Cone

Vanilla flavored ice cream in a chocolate-lined sugar cone, topped with milk chocolate flavored coating, and peanuts.

$15.00 /12 Items


Klondike NASCAR Bar

A chocolate cookie layered with caramel ice cream, topped with caramel, all covered in peanuts and milk chocolate.

$15.00 /12 Items


Oreo Ice Cream Bar

Vanilla flavored ice cream with Oreo pieces coated in Oreo cookie crunch.

$15.00 /12 Items


Fried Ice Cream Choco Taco

Carmel honey ice cream in a sugar cone taco shell with a honey caramel swirl topped with milk chocolate and cinnamon crisps.

$15.00 /12 Items


Choco Taco



Fudge Grande ice cream in a sugar cone taco shell with milk chocolate flavored coating and peanuts.

$15.00 /12 Items


Cookie Sandwich

The favorite ice cream cookie sandwich made even better with Hershey’s chocolate flavored chips.

$15.00 /12 Items


Giant Vanilla Sandwich

Vanilla flavored ice cream between two delicious chocolatey wafers.

$15.00 /12 Items


Sundae Cone

Vanilla flavored low fat ice cream in a crunchy sugar cone with rich milk chocolate flavored coating and peanuts.

$15.00 /12 Items




Klondike Krunch Bar

One bite you’re hooked.  Vanilla ice cream covered in a milk chocolate  and crisp rice flavored coating.

$15.00 /12 Items


Strawberry Shortcake

Cake coated vanilla flavored ice cream with a strawberry flavored center.

$15.00 /12 Items


Chocolate Éclair

Cake coated vanilla flavored ice cream with a chocolate flavored center.

$15.00 /12 Items




Toasted Almond

Cake coated vanilla flavored ice cream, almond flavored center, and almond flavored coating.

$15.00 /12 Items


Sponge Bob

Fruit punch and cotton candy ice with gumball eyes.

$15.00 /12 Items


Dora the Explorer

Strawberry and banana flavored ice with gumballs.

$15.00 /12 Items


Firecracker Bullet

A combination of cherry, white lemon, and blue raspberry ices.

$15.00 /12 Items


Great White Shark

Lemon flavored ice.

$15.00 /12 Items




LifeSavers Pops

No roll, no holes.  Just those five great LifeSavers flavors stacked high and cold.  Raspberry, cherry watermelon, orange, and pineapple.

$15.00 /12 Items







Additional products available upon request.


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